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Tis' the Season

My favorite time of year... curling up with a good book by the fire in my comfy socks and chai tea in hand. This is what I look forward to the most this time of year. Currently, I am reading Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain, an author I met in Miami at the Beyond Words Festival. I love a good Louisiana, small-town setting with some suspense. If you do too, I suggest you pick this book up immediately.

I wanted to take a moment to put this blog post together to muse about what makes this my favorite time of year. In short, it is the priority I put on slowing down. Now, I know most people don't feel this season is slow, in fact, just the opposite, of being overwhelming busy. But I committed many Christmases ago to force myself to slow down. To say no to all the events and parties. My kids care about seeing lights, so we do that, but otherwise, we stay in, spend time together, and I finally, finally get a chance to do some reading.

I'd like to write here some of my all-time favorite Christmas book recommendations, but I must confess I don't have any (I mostly read twisty thrillers, despite my love of a good Hallmark Movie). So, I am reaching out, asking for your favorite book so I can buy it and curl up by the fire (once I'm finished with Ginny's book that is). I'd also love to know what is your favorite thing to do this time of year. Drop me a comment.

No matter what you enjoy this time of year, take time for it. Really ask yourself what it is that makes this season special for you and your family, then focus on that. And check out my upcoming Podcast with Pensacola Moms, Raising Pensacola about how we handle the mental load of Christmas and also... family drama at Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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