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Hybrid Publishing Today - Is it Right?

Ask me a year ago, would I pay to publish, I would've said - never! An author never pays to publish, that is not how it works. Never mind, the four years it took me to personally edit, query, and publish my first novel traditionally. Never mind, the time and money I put into self-publishing that same book two years later. Never mind the countless mistakes I made along the way. I still only saw a singular way to become a published author.

But all that changed in May 2022 when I was hired by a local publishing company, Indigo River Publishing. I had no idea what Hybrid was, or what it would become. Today Hybrid Companies look very different from what many considered Vanity Presses only a few years ago. People like Jane Freidman are leading the cause to educate authors on other opportunities to get published. Recently, I had someone say hybrid publishing was only for desperate writers. Yeah, maybe some of us are desperate - we've spent years potentially in the query trenches, heard hundreds of nos, and all but given up. Is it because our book is bad, not necessarily. I've learned it just means we are on the wrong path to publishing.

Agents have very particular tastes in books and writing styles, and they are looking for very specific things. Sometimes it's just bad luck - bad timing - bad anything. Also, when an agent reads your book they have to consider, who do I know that I can sell this book to? Do I think I can sell this book? Not is the writer good? Is this book good? Those answers can be yes, but an agent will still turn down representation. Because a publisher isn't going to invest in the production of your book if they don't think you can sell at least 5K without having to market your book. Meaning, do you have a platform?

So, yes, maybe you are that "desperate" writer. Or maybe you are just tired of waiting, tired of basing your entire publishing journey on getting an agent. And before you consider going it alone, why not consider having a team of professionals behind you to get you published on your terms?

It is a space where authors can go to work with a publishing house that knows how to publish and sell books but on your terms. Hybrid Publishing allows the author autonomy, which you might not think you want, but you do - trust me! They can also offer marketing support, which is again a full-time job for self-publishing authors. If you are considering putting the money into self-publishing your book, you really should consider Hybrid Publishing. (check out this article to learn what makes a publishing company hybrid).

Hybrid Publishing is not for the desperate, it's not for the bad, it's for the author that wants to take control over their book - for personal reasons or business reasons. There are so many benefits to hybrid publishing, so if you think it might be your path through the dark, confusing woods of publishing, check it out!

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