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Women In Publishing Summit

Join me at the upcoming Women in Publishing Summit. A fully virtual event March 6-9, 2024. Click here to get your ticket today! 

About Ann Brooks


Ann Brooks is an acclaimed author whose literary debut, "A Lost Woman," garnered an honorable mention at the New York Book Festival and ascended to bestseller status in 2023. Achieving this level of success was no small feat; it was the culmination of years dedicated to writing, querying, and publishing her work. Today, Ann is passionate about turning aspiring writers into published authors.

Her rich background in Writing, Education, and Psychology positions her perfectly to offer comprehensive guidance and mentorship to writers navigating the complexities of the creative process. Ann has a proven track record of collaborating with fellow writers to enhance their storytelling, organize their manuscripts, and guide them through editing and publishing phases. She frequently engages with authors and industry professionals, sharing insights from her journey and expertise in the realms of writing and publishing.

In her professional capacity, Ann serves as the Acquisitions Director at Indigo River Publishing, where she plays a pivotal role in discovering and nurturing new literary talent. Additionally, she has been instrumental in the development and launch of Parlexi (AI Tool for Authors) and Debut Writers (YouTube channel that offers an insider's perspective on the publishing industry, providing invaluable resources for both novice and experienced writers alike).


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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