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Why re-launch your book?

If you follow my journey you know that I started my publishing career in February of 2020, yep really great time, I know. But that's not the reason I am re-launching my debut novel, A Lost Woman.

Let's go back to the beginning when I signed with my Indie Publisher, who - spoiler alert- no longer exists. Yep, that's right, they didn't make it - shocker! After less than a year of publishing a book a month, and sending it to subscribers with coffee, the company had to close down. I'll give it to them when I first heard the idea I really liked it. Who wouldn't want a new book and bag of coffee to enjoy it with every month? Unfortunately, now that I understand the publishing world better, I see all the flaws in this idea (that's for another post though).

So what happens when your publisher goes out of business? Well, as the author I got all my IP (intellectual property) rights back - good, HOWEVER, now I had no one to print and distribute the book - bad. My only choice became to re-launch the book or let it die, which I was not about to let that happen after all the work I put into A Lost Woman.

Thus began my journey to figuring out how to ensure that my book still had a way to get into the hands of readers. After ordering every last book so that I could sell them personally, I did my research into what it would take to republish the book. While it was doable, it would mean a significant amount of time into changing key parts of the book in order to re-publish it as a different book. Not really what I wanted to do - or so I thought.

Therefore, self-publishing became my top option. I've done this before with my other novel, The Blood Inside Me, so I figured this would be easy. Until I read the book. While I thought I would just be making a few edits, in true-writer fashion, I change key story points! This led to a much deeper edit and took more time than allotted originally. Alas, I am so excited for the re-launch of A Lost Woman and think my readers will really like the changes to Norah's story.

The next and extremely necessary step was getting a professional cover designed. I highly recommend to every author to make this investment, as it will make all the difference in how your book stands out. A dynamic book cover makes all the difference in getting your book reviewed, noticed and insta worthy! Readers DO judge a book by its cover!

Check out the book at

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